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Roy Ponder is a native Texan that became obsessed with the weather when Hurricane Alicia, with sustained winds of over 100mph, went over his home in 1983 when he was just 8 years old. The electricity was out for three weeks and this single moment shaped his fascination with weather and changed the trajectory of his life, forming him into a weather nut. Weather was always going to be a big part of his life and soon after it became a passion for him. He would watch all four news stations just to see the weather forecasts. He is a big stats guy with a photographic memory. This lends itself to Roy’s ability to recall storm facts and figures at an instant. He has done seminars for schools and they quiz him on his knowledge.

Roy has been an avid runner over many years, with accomplishments as lofty as running 100-miles in a single event, which took him 26 hours and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. He loves to be outdoors, you will see him often hiking with his family. He spends time with his wife, Chris, and their two boys. He is also highly involved in community service and fundraising efforts for notable causes.

He started running in 2009 with groups that soon embraced his passion for the weather and were constantly bombarding him with inquiries about the upcoming forecasts for their Saturday runs.  This then led to his wife creating a place on Facebook that he could share all things weather related and keep his friends informed in the local DFW area. In 2017, POW Ponder on Weather was formed. In a short time, he gained 1000’s of followers. What set him apart from others, was his infectious enthusiasm in his Facebook Live videos that he would do during high impact events. Sometimes he would be live for five hours at a time. This was a huge service for the community. He was even moved to tears by one his followers sharing a story that Roy was the reason his parents were notified to take shelter just 30 seconds before the roof was torn off their house during the October 2019 tornado outbreak. Networks were not even broadcasting about severe weather at the time due to the Cowboy being on. He has become a local go-to source for anything weather-related. He will help YOU weather the storm.

In the summer of 2019, Roy expanded his reach to a new platform and started a YouTube channel, where he forecasts nationwide. It has now grown to over 60,000 followers in that short time.

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