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Your go-to source for all things weather,
brings you gear for the new year.

Tempest Weather System with a bush in background

Tempest Weather System By WeatherFlow

The last weather station you will ever need.
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use code: POWWEATHER10

Record snowfall in DFW, pictured is Roy and his dog in the snow


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About POW 

Discover Roy Ponder, aka POW Ponder on Weather. From a Facebook hobby to YouTube forecasting, he's your weather expert. Learn more!

Weather Resources

Your comprehensive hub for tracking storms, following weather models, and staying ahead of the elements.

Lightning Storm

Mike Sotny

“Advanced technology and constant attention allows POW to be the most reliable meteorologist in the DFW Metroplex and beyond."

Jon Stu

"Roy is spot on, 100% accurate with the forecast when it matters most. He explains things in a way that is easy to understand. He’s my source for accurate info!"

Jenni Waller Ramsey

“When we moved to TX from CA 5 years ago, we were unprepared for the dramatic weather changes. I was thrilled to find Roy on FB & always go straight to his page for weather updates."
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